Biography (a summary)

Born in Vicenza, Simonetta lives in Cornedo Vicentino in a house that breathes art. Her father was a painter, her mother a pianist, and her grandmother an opera singer. She attended school in nearby Valdagno where she successfully studied art and, followed in her father’s footsteps both in terms of her career and her artistic path. She chose glass as her preferred medium, which offers a chromatic palette of free abandon. Its transparency creates a magical game, giving wings to a window in order to reach a higher prospective – playing with geometric forms and dissecting them thus permitting light and sky to be breathed into her work.

In Veneto the local specialist glass companies in the environs of Verona and Vicenza provided opportunities and experience needed so that father and daughter could quickly carry out their ambitions projects.

Today, Simonetta continues producing works of art in glass as well as oil on canvas and pencil drawings too, as well as regularly working on prestigious structures and forms according to interior design ideas, as in the cases of Copertificio Marzotto and the Bisazza marble and mosaic company.